Moving Your Nigerian Business Online With Paylinc.

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4 min readMay 25, 2022


In Nigeria today, there are many businesses run by one person; male, female or otherwise. You’re the marketer, designer, the manufacturer, the sales rep, delivery person, customer care … just to name a few.

We can definitely agree that it’s quite hard to be a business owner in Nigeria and people are mostly discouraged against starting one. This doesn’t have to be the case and this is the problem we’re interested in solving.

Maybe you’re lucky and you have a partner who can assist you, maybe you’re not and the emotional trauma is handled by you alone. You currently don’t have the privilege of running your business without you. You have no breathing space, you’re always hopeful that an order gets delivered to the customer and that your customer is satisfied.

This is where Paylinc comes in to save the day.

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At the end of this post, you would be empowered to run your business online with a custom mobile application specifically and specially designed for you. You will be able to handle customer purchases with ease, run your business incentives and promotions and keep your customers close to you. At the comfort of your phone, with your own app already built just for you. Later on, I’ll be giving specific business utilisation examples.

Paylinc, developed by Omept Technology Nigeria Limited, is a financial technology (Fintech) application that was crafted specifically for Nigerian business owners. Nigerians are exceptionally entrepreneurial and owning one or more businesses is extremely simplified with Paylinc.

Some of the features Paylinc provides are explained below and for every feature in this section, I’ll use a business sample to explain how Paylinc can be utilised. We’ll be covering the following points

  1. Business Activity Management
  2. Ready to use
  3. Multi Platform
  4. Push Notification
  5. Data Privacy
  6. Flexible Billing

Business Activity Management

The case study here is a POS business. A POS business is a street merchant who acts like a bank. People can meet them for cash or to transfer money to another bank account. In Nigeria today, there’ll be a tie in the number of POS businesses and Churches … in my opinion.

Paylinc uses Paystack to give premium experience for transactions. With Paylinc you get immediate transaction trail and report for transfers to bank accounts and to other Paylinc users. Paylinc enables you to run multiple POS wallets for debits and credits while giving you separate detailed reports.

Ready to Use

The case studies here are Food vendors and Shops. If your circle is anything like mine, you can’t escape tantalising, ready made Nigerian food pictures on Instagram or ads on Whatsapp statuses from your contacts. Paylinc can give these businesses more options.

Paylinc provides an app environment where you can target previous customers and send them seasonal promotions, giveaways, notify customers of clearance sales, and keep the customers close to you.

Multi Platform

The case studies here are Fashion Designers, and Creative Arts & Crafts. Paylinc runs on Android and iOS devices as well as Browsers. It enables customers to pay upfront, the merchant has the option of accepting or rejecting payment request bids from any device.

Only the merchant can see the bids and they can also refund a customer after payment has been made. Paylinc empowers merchants for customer retention.

Push Notifications

The case studies here are Tourism businesses and Recreation businesses. I once attended a recreation event and the manager had to manually search for the attendees when it was time to disseminate information like feeding time, the next location, exit time etc. I felt very sorry for her because it was very tedious.

Paylinc solves this problem by enabling the manager send immediate notifications to their customers and hence simplifying the task of assembling the attendees. Paylinc empowers the manager to also receive payment and share notifications for new and upcoming events. Hence making customer retention very achievable.

Privacy and Security

No matter the business that use Paylinc, all the data inputed by the customers and the managers are kept private and secured for the business.

Paylinc will not sell your data. your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

Flexible billing plan

Paylinc’s aim is to enable small, medium and large scale businesses jump on the bandwagon of having an app for their business.

We are dedicated to breaking the barrier of bringing businesses online. Hence we have saved businesses over 4000 hours of programming time, and totally removed the cost of developing the technology stack that powers the mobile applications.

Our first step to achieving this goal is to onboard Small/Starter businesses. These type of business will enjoy extra benefits as follows:

- Free database storage
- Free monthly email send limit of 10,000 emails(daily limit of 2,000)
- Slack integration
- Paylinc can work with your existing domain name or assist in the purchase of one for your business.

Paylinc offers a pay as you use model for integrating with businesses. After paying your registration fee, Paylinc charges a minimum token of ₦100 for transactions or purchases made on your application.

Businesses with over larger customer base are encouraged to reach out by visiting our website, contact us or reach us by phone(available on website) to schedule consultation sessions so as to establish a proper evaluation of their business and the right tools to use for it.

To try out the application on your Android mobile phones, you can download and install the app here and use the following test credentials to access the application:


username: georgenificent
password: password


username: georgetheprogrammer
password: password

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